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Post by Libertarian Democracy on Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:00 pm

Hello, %NATION%!
You will have received a ton of TGs from a lot of regions, but you have received none from a region as unique as [region]The Parliamentary Union of Nations[/region]. Many regions are too small or too big, and have very few RMB posts or an overwhelming amount of posts per week. We have a medium-sized, active, engaged community. And we would like you to join us.
Here are some more reasons to join:
-We communicate both on the RMB and on our elegant offsite forums
-We have a detailed Constitution and an elected Government and Legislature.
-There may be openings for government and legislative positions!
-Active regional RPs
-A regional newspaper
So click the button below and join the community at [region]The Parliamentary Union of Nations[/region]!

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The Right Honourable Minister of Jurisprudence Lord Libertarian Democracy, RO MP LSM GSM
Baron of the Union
Speaker pro Tempore of Parliament
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Libertarian Democracy
Libertarian Democracy

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