SO 2015-10 Martime and Aerial Sovereignty Act

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SO 2015-10 Martime and Aerial Sovereignty Act

Post by Abdoa on Tue Dec 06, 2016 1:31 am




WHEREAS: Recent military conflicts have arisen in the Parliamentary Union of Sovereign Nations over the violation of a member state's perceived airspace

WHEREAS: Clearly defining a nation's sovereign airspace and maritime zones would serve to prevent these sorts of violations and conflicts in the future, and would clearly outline a legal basis of who is in the right and who is in the wrong when such conflicts occur

DEFINES: Sovereign land as land claimed by a nation state of the Parliamentary Union of Sovereign Nations

DEFINES: Low tide mark (LTM) as the position of a nation's coastline when the water is at it's lowest point

DEFINES: Sovereign waters as the area within bodies of water, both inland and oceanic, spanning 200 nautical miles from a nation's LTM. In cases where more than one nation is within 200 nautical miles of an area of water, the water will be considered the sovereign waters of only the nation who's LTM is closest to the area in question

DEFINES: Sovereign airspace as the space above a nation's sovereign land and sovereign waters, up to 50 kilometers above sea level

ORDERED: Each nation shall have sovereign rights and legal ownership over their own sovereign land, waters, and airspace

ORDERED: Each nation will have exclusive rights to the resources present on their own sovereign land, and within or beneath their sovereign waters.

ORDERED: Each nation will be free to regulate, direct, or restrict vehicles, planes, or ships within their sovereign land, airspace, and waters

ORDERED: Each nation will be free to use force to enforce the above mentioned regulations and restrictions

ORDERED: Parties that violate a nation's sovereign land, waters, or airspace illegally are liable for any damages done to their property or persons

December 11, 2015
Merish Isles, Senator
Libertarian Democracy, Senator

Status: failed at vote

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