SO 2016-07 Emergency Measures Act ENACTED

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SO 2016-07 Emergency Measures Act ENACTED

Post by Abdoa on Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:11 pm



Emergency Measures Act

ARTICLE I: Preface

In order to preserve the Union and protect it from foreign forces, and to set a framework for future situations, we hereby enact the following measures, to be taken whenever the Founder CTEs.

ARTICLE II: Refounding & Logistics

Section A: The Founder

1: In accordance with Article III, Section B, Subsection 6 of the Constitution, the current Prime Minister shall assume the powers of the Founder, and shall be referred to with the title “Prime Minister” or “Acting Founder”.

2: The Acting Founder shall assert the powers vested in them under Article II, Section B, Subsection 6 of the Constitution and immediately place and maintain a password lock on the region.

3: a) Elections to choose a new, permanent Founder shall be held 14 days after the passage of this resolution, but must be held within 21 days.

b) These elections shall be coordinated by the Acting Founder as per Article III, Section B, Subsection 3 of the Constitution.

c) Any Citizen may choose to run for the position of Founder.

d) Citizens may announce their candidacy immediately after the passage of this resolution.

e) Citizens may announce their candidacy and campaign until the Acting Founder starts the Elections.

f) The election shall be held on the main region page, and the poll shall last for 5 days, and shall be open to all residents.

g) The winner of the election shall be referred to as Founder-Elect.

Section B: The Legislature and The Government

1: The Parliament shall operate as normal during the refounding process.

2: All elected and appointed officials within the Government and the Parliament shall retain their positions and complete their terms.

Section C: The Constitution

1: The Constitution is to remain as the highest rule of law of the Union.

2: The Founder-Elect, upon refound, shall pin the Constitution dispatch to the WFE.

Section D: Refound Procedure

1: After the Founder elections, the Acting Founder shall appoint the Founder-Elect as a Regional Officer, and shall grant them all possible officer privileges.

2: Within 5 days of the end of the election, the Acting Founder, Founder-Elect, President, and Minister of War shall eject all nations within the regions, beginning with the nations with the highest influence, excluding the aforementioned officials.

3: Nations shall be given 24-hour ejection notice via mass telegram, and shall be encouraged to leave at their own accord, and shall be advised that they will receive another telegram in a few days notifying them that they can return to the region. The second telegram shall be sent immediately upon the completion of the refound process.

4: After all other nations have left, the Acting Founder, President, and Minister of War shall leave the region as well.

5: Once the Founder-Elect is the only nation left in the region, he shall back up the WFE of the region, including links to the pinned dispatches and the embassy list.

6: The Founder-Elect shall leave the region no more than 2 hours before the next update.

7: After the update, the Founder-Elect shall refound the region, retaining the name “Parliamentary Union of Sovereign Nations”. After this point the refound process shall be considered complete.

8: The Founder-Elect shall restore the WFE, re-pin all the dispatches, send embassy requests to all former embassy regions, and shall restore all regional officer positions and powers.

9: a) Immediately after the refound process is completed, the Prime Minister will lose their title of “Acting Founder”, and the Founder-Elect shall then be referred to as “Founder”.

b) In addition, all powers of the Founder granted to the Prime Minister shall be revoked immediately upon the completion of the refound process.

ARTICLE III: Conclusion

We, the Parliament of the Union, hereby enact the above positions as law, and order them to be carried out in a timely fashion as specified in this document.

April 24th, 2016
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