SO 2016-08 Good Service Medal Act

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SO 2016-08 Good Service Medal Act

Post by Abdoa on Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:13 pm

SO 2016-8, Good Service Medal Act 2016

FOLLOWING the Regional Honours Act 2016, in which is stated that Medals of the Region are to be regulated by Acts, and that Ministers have the power to institute new Medals;

BE IT ENACTED by the Minister of Development, by and with the advice and consent of Parliament and the Cabinet, in this present assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:-[/b]

Article 1
There shall be instituted a "Good Service Medal" (hereafter called GSM).

Article 2
The GSM can be awarded by the Prime Minister and on his behalf the Minister of Development.

Article 3
The GSM can be awarded do any member of the Region, or foreign members who contributed to Our Region.

Article 4
Anyone may send a letter to the Prime Minister or the Minister of Development to ask that another member shall receive the GSM. No member can nominate himself to receive the GSM.

Article 5
As soon as it is decided that a member receives the GSM, it will be forwarded to the King of Arms, who shall officially publicize and award the GSM on behalf of the Prime Minister/Minister of Development.

Article 6
Recipients of the GSM are permitted to show the ribbon of the GSM in their signature. The King of Arms is responsible that recipients are provided with the ribbon.

Article 7
The GSM can be awarded to those who:
1. Have been active for at least two months within the Region; and
2. Have contributed to the Region in an excellent way, beyond the normal activity and duties of their functions if they hold any; or
3. Have represented the Region on NationStates in an excellent way for a considerable amount of time.

Article 8
Proof of the actions stated in article 7 are to be forwarded upon application. If there is no application prior to the grant (when the Prime Minister/Minister of Development grant the GSM on their own behalf and not on the request of another member of the Region), the Prime Minister/Minister of Development provide their proof to the King of Arms, who shall make a notice of the proof in the grant.

Article 9
The King of Arms shall hold a register for all recipients of the GSM.

Article 10
Members who have not received the GSM at the moment they bear its ribbon without permission from the Prime Minister, shall be warned. If the member does not comply with this warning, the member shall be tried by the Regional Court, in which cases the King of Arms is permitted to start such a case.

Article 11
The maximum punishment for a violation as stated in article 10, shall be a temporary ban from the Region for six months. If the member has already been convicted for this crime before, the maximum punishment shall be a permanent ban from the Region. If the convicted member held any office immediately prior to its conviction, it will be ejected from that position immediately.

Article 12
The ribbon of the GSM shall be as follows:
Seven parts, the first of it being blue, the second being orange, the third fourth and fifth being blue, the sixth being orange, and the seventh being blue, as shown hereunder:

9th May 2016
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