SO 2016-13 Amendments to the Parliamentary Procedure and Recruitment Acts ENACTED

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SO 2016-13 Amendments to the Parliamentary Procedure and Recruitment Acts ENACTED

Post by Abdoa on Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:21 pm

SO 2016-13
Parliamentary Procedure Orders and Recruitment Amendment Act of September 2016

Article I: Introduction

This bill is intended to clarify certain parliamentary procedures currently unregulated by the Parliamentary Procedure Orders, and to amend by those rules SO#2015-8 (“Recruitment Act”).

Article II: Amendments

Section A: Parliamentary Procedure

1) We hereby move to renumber Articles III, IV, and V of SO#2016-3 ("Parliamentary Procedure Orders") to become Articles IV, V, and VI, respectively.

2) We hereby move to add the following as Article III of SO#2016-3 ("Parliamentary Procedure Orders"), to be entitled "Amendments to Acts of Parliament":
"Acts of Parliament may be amended by another Act of Parliament, however a two-thirds supermajority shall be require for a bill proposing amendments to pass."

Section B: Recruitment

We hereby move to amend Article III, Section A, Clause 1 of SO#2015-8 ("Recruitment Act") to contain the following text:
"The NS++ Recruitment System will be used to automatically send recruitment telegrams, however the recruitment system may be changed at any time at the discretion of the Recruitment Council."

Article III: Conclusion

We, the Parliament of the Union, hereby enact the above provisions as law by a majority of two thirds, and order the texts to be altered accordingly.

September 3, 2016
Abdoa, Senator
Libertarian Democracy, Senator

Status: enacted

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