SO 2016-18 Parliamentary Elections Act

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SO 2016-18 Parliamentary Elections Act

Post by Abdoa on Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:27 pm



Parliamentary Elections Act

Article I: Introduction

Wishing to improve the fairness and accuracy of the election to this body, we, the Parliament of the Union, move to enact a set of guidelines for the running of parliamentary elections in the Union.

Article II: Definitions

An ELECTORAL LIST is a list of candidates for the Senate submitted to the Founder before the election. A list is composed of at least one candidate, but if it has more, they must be ranked.

Article III: The Process

The Senate shall be elected by the Sainte-Lague Method, as performed by the election calculator at . The election shall be run within the following guidelines:

1) The Founder will open the candidatures no less than one week before the election. Anyone may declare their intention to form an electoral list, alone or with specified others.
2) After the candidatures are closed, the Founder will post a three-day poll on the regional page with the name of each electoral list featured.
3) Once the polls are closed, the Founder will go to the following link: .
4) The Founder will then enter the Number of Seats as “9”, set the Percent Hurdle to “0”, and put the number of votes for the electoral list with the most votes in the Party 1 section, the number of votes for the electoral list with the next most votes in the Party 2 section, et cetera, before clicking on calculate.
5) The Founder will then ascertain, from the Seats per party according to Sainte-Lague method line in the Resulting table, the number of seats to award to each electoral list.
6) If a certain list should be awarded more seats than they have candidates, all its candidates are elected, and a by-election, run under these same rules, is scheduled for within two weeks to fill the vacancy/ies.
7) The Founder releases a report, detailing the process as above and declaring the elected Senators.
8 ) Any member of the Union may contest the accuracy and legitimacy of that report, whereupon the Minister of Jurisprudence will review it and, if deemed necessary, return to Stage 3.

Article IV: Conclusion

We, the Parliament of the Union, hereby enact this document and its provision as law.

December 2, 2016
Abdoa, Senator
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