(Realist Party ONLY) Regional Map Rules And Regulations

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(Realist Party ONLY) Regional Map Rules And Regulations

Post by Islamic State Of Malaya on Tue Jan 10, 2017 3:38 pm

Hi Members Of Realist Party. I have proposed some of the rules to be implemented but i need your opinions on these proposed implementations. You may add if you feel it is necessary .

1)ONLY PARLIAMENT MEMBERS are allowed to own large parts of the Regional Map.
   REASON is because that we have to portray our strength and status in parliament.It may not be fair to some as our stances is that every man is equal. Motive of the regional map is to show our superiority in this region. To earn a place , we must win the elections and dominate the regional map.

2) To gain more land is to have compromisation among nations or to have war.
    Again , it may contradict with the REALIST PARTY stances and i am aware of it.My intention is to enable the nations to practice RESPONSIBILITY .  Through such policies , we are able to identify weak - decision making nations and that will be a platform for us to choose the right candidate the next election. Again , my intention is to practise the value of RESPONSIBILITY and not promoting RADICALISM .

3)Unoccupied areas in Regional Map may be occupied.
This is an unexpected clause that i thought about. After experiencing different regions , ''OCCUPATION'' of land is normal. To a certain degree , i do not like the idea of occupying as it would lead to conflict but occupying will reduce the amount of crimes and even stop the spread of Terrorism. Unclaimed land has the potential to be a platform for Terrorist Organisation to start. So , i suggest that to tackle this issue , we need to have our army personel to maintain peace.

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Islamic State Of Malaya

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Re: (Realist Party ONLY) Regional Map Rules And Regulations

Post by Hadhari on Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:11 pm

How about the policy? The constituents?


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