SO 2017-01 Amendments to SO 2016-6 the Electoral Integrity Act ENACTED

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SO 2017-01 Amendments to SO 2016-6 the Electoral Integrity Act ENACTED

Post by Abdoa on Mon Feb 06, 2017 6:11 am

SO 2017-1

Amendments to SO 2016-6 the Electoral Integrity Act

Article I: Introduction

Feeling that the penalties for electoral fraud established in SO 2016-6 are both too harsh and too vague, and that nations convicted of electoral fraud should be given a chance to redeem themselves, we, the Parliament of the Union, propose to amend the Act in question to set out a more specific and balanced set of guidelines for the nature of the sentence passed if the suspect nation is found guilty at trial.

Article II: Amendments

Section A: Formatting

It is ordered that the sections of SO 2016-6 be numbered as follows:

“Article I: Inquiries
Article II: Request for Inquiry
Article III: Investigative Procedures
Article IV: Trial”

Section B: Content

It is ordered that Clause [3] of Article IV of SO 2016-6 be amended to read retroactively as follows:

“[3] If Parliament finds the suspect guilty, the jury will order the Founder to eject the nation and puppets in question and ban them for a period of two months from the issue of the court’s decision. The jury may also vote to commute the sentence down to a minimum of 15 days, but the nation will not be permitted to vote or hold public office for the full duration of their two-month sentence. If the offender has been declared guilty of electoral fraud for more than two times, the maximum sentence will be a permanent ban from the Region, and at minimum shall be punished with double the normal maximum punishment.”

Article III: Conclusion

We, the Parliament of the Union, hereby enact this document and its provisions into law and order them to be applied in a timely fashion.

January 9, 2017
Abdoa, Senator
Libertarian Democracy, Senator

Status: Enacted

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