SO 2017-08 Electoral Act

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SO 2017-08 Electoral Act

Post by Abdoa on Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:34 am

Electoral Act

Article I: Introduction
Do to recent instances of suspected voter fraud, We, the Parliament of the Union, do move to prevent voter fraud and while preserving the rights of the members of the Union.

Article II: Complete Shutdown Of Incoming Nations During Elections
1) The Founder shall "lock" the region, defined as placing a hidden password on the region, no later than two (2) days before an election and no earlier than five (5) days before an election.
2) Prospective members of the region shall not be permitted to enter the region when it is locked, however they will be permitted to register on the Union Forums, but will not be permitted to interact on the forums until the region is un-locked following the election.

Article III: Voter Registration
1) The Founder shall create and maintain a private Voter Registration Database (hereinafter "Database"), and a public Eligible Voter List (hereinafter, "List"), the latter being published via dispatch.
2) The Founder shall, within thirty (30) days of the ascension of this Document, draft and publish via dispatch a Voter Registration Form (hereinafter, "Form"), which shall only contain two fields: one asking for a nation name and the other asking for a link to their respective forum account.
3) All Members shall have the right to fill out and submit the Form to the Founder via Telegram.
4) The Founder, with the assistance of the Administrative Officers should the Founder elect to delegate the duty to them, shall process the Form within seventy-two (72) hours of receiving the Form.  This shall include confirming the nation in question's right to vote, inserting the relevant information into the Database and the List, and informing the nation in question via Telegram that their Form was processed successfully, if applicable.
5) The Founder shall contact the Ministry of Jurisprudence to determine if the nation in question has the right to vote.
6) If the nation in question does not have the right to vote or did not properly complete the Form, the Founder shall not continue processing the Form and shall telegram the nation in question informing them that their Form was not processed and the reason why.
7) If the nation in question has the right to vote and properly completed the Form, the Founder shall not deny the Form.
8 ) Members may register to vote at any time, however if a Nation chooses to register within the seven (7) days before an election, they shall implicitly consent to the Ministry of Jurisprudence viewing their IP Address once, after the election. 
9) The Nation shall still have their registration processed and be permitted to vote, but if they are found to be guilty of Voter Fraud they shall have their vote stricken from the final count, along with all discovered puppets of that nation.  The Ministry of Jurisprudence may use this information for investigation or prosecution purposes, if required.
10) After a nation has their Form processed successfully, they shall be classified as a Registered Voter.
11) Only Registered Voters may vote.
12) The Database shall contain only the nation name, forum account link, and the date when registration was processed and approved for all Registered Voters.
13) The List shall contain only the nation name for all Registered Voters.

Article IV: Investigation Team
1) The Ministry of Jurisprudence shall form an Election Investigation Commission (hereinafter, "EIC") to investigate suspected instances of Voter Fraud.
2) The EIC shall be composed of the three (3) appointed Inspectors, to be appointed by the Minister of Jurisprudence.  Should any conflict of interest occur at any time, the Minister of Jurisprudence shall suspend the Inspector in question and appoint an Interim Inspector to take their place temporarily.
3) The EIC may, with a majority vote, compel the Minister of Jurisprudence to prosecute a nation for Election Fraud.

Article V: Conclusion
We, the Parliament of the Union, do hereby enact the above provisions as Law.

February 4, 2017
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