SO 2017-10 Regional Tags Act ENACTED

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SO 2017-10 Regional Tags Act ENACTED

Post by Abdoa on Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:43 am

SO 2017-10

Regional Tags Act

Article I: Introduction

In order to further define our Union and the spirit of our Constitution, we, the Parliament of the Union, move to codify which tags we would like to attach to our region as symbolic of our Union.

Article II: The Rights of the Founder

1)     As per Article III Section B Subsection 5 of the Constitution of the Union, “The Founder has the right to alter the Regional Flag and the WFE.”
2)     However, as per Article III Section B Subsection 1, the Founder “will obey the decisions of the Parliament and respect the actions of the other Executive Officials.”
3)     Therefore, we ask that the Founder respect our Act and update the list of regional tags according to this Act and the wishes of Parliament expressed within.

Article III: Tags

The following tags shall be henceforth, by the consent of the Founder, all and the only tags that may be listed on the World Factbook Entry (WFE), apart from the automatic tags that cannot be removed:

-          Democratic
-          Regional Government
-          Independent
-          Offsite Forums
-          World Assembly
-          National Sovereigntist
-          Neutral

Article IV: Conclusion

We, the Parliament of the Union, do hereby enact this document and its provisions as law.

February 8, 2017
Abdoa, Senator
Libertarian Democracy, Senator

Status: enacted

Abdoa, Leader of Parliament and Senator

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