S0 2017 20 - Role Play Coordinator Supervision ACt - INVALID

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S0 2017 20 - Role Play Coordinator Supervision ACt - INVALID

Post by Islamic State Of Malaya on Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:30 pm

Parliamentary Union
SO 2017-20
Role Play Coordinator Supervision Act

Section A :

Acknowledging the importance of regional role play, a Role Playt Coordinator shall be appointed.

Noting that the regional coordinator's task is important to ensure efficient role play in the region . The tasks are as follow :

(i) Expecting the appointed role play coordinator to create situations and events for the nations in this region to role play.
(ii) Emphasizes that nations to accept and agree with the events and situations created by the role play coordinator.
(ii) Further emphasizes that the appointed role play coordinator ensures no game - modding and events shall involve all nations , regardless of size and power.
(iv) Seeing that the region is inactive in role plaging , RP coordinator should create a RP event

Section B :

Having considered that this region is a democratic region , elections shall be held on every 2 months.

Fully aware that if the appointed nation decided to step down , an election shall be held again. The replacement nation shall continue to serve the remaining term.


Bearing in mind the different time zones , the region have came to a solution to follow Universal Coordinated Time ( UTC ) as the regions timing and dates will be as present.


Concern that nations do not abide by the rules, punishments will be prosecuted as such :

(i) Expresses its hope to ban nations from participating in role playing if the nation is found guilty of using puppets to support it's actions.
(ii) Fully encourages that the court to recognise role playing regulations.
(iii) Aware that there are existing role playing rulea and regulations , this region shall role play according to the rules and regulations.

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Re: S0 2017 20 - Role Play Coordinator Supervision ACt - INVALID

Post by Libertarian Democracy on Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:10 pm

While I do agree that we should have some kind of Role-Play authority, I do have a few issues with this bill:
1) The Role Play Coordinator should serve as a moderator instead of the sole entity that can create RP events. I think certain entities like a Department of Sport to create regular competitions is a good idea, but just to have a general RP-thinker doesn't resonate well with me.
2) The "Punishments" section [which, by the way, this bill needs to be better organized into Articles, Sections, and Clauses so that each provision can be referenced] is too broad. An RP moderator should not have blanket, unappealable ban authority. I do agree that the RP moderator should have some summary enforcement powers, but I think it needs to be appealable to an informal hearing with the Ministry of Jurisprudence who can adjust or nullify the ban.
3) The RP Moderator would need to be able to establish certain RP rules and regulations. Due to this regulatory need, it would have to be an office under the Ministry of Development. I like the idea of it being an elected position though, however it would be wise to define an election process.
4) Also, a nice thing would be if the RP Moderator would have a dispatch containing all the rules/regulations, the map [if the Map Committee ever decides to put the proposed maps up to a vote], and links to all current and former RPs.



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Re: S0 2017 20 - Role Play Coordinator Supervision ACt - INVALID

Post by Nassau-Windsor on Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:14 pm

Point of Order
On a Point of Order, Mister Speaker Pro Tempore, I wish to point out that the Right Honourable Minister of Communications [Islamic State of Malaya] is not a member of Parliament, but merely a member of the, executive, Cabinet.

As it is pointed out by the Constitution (I refer to Section E of Article III) the executive branch of governance is tasked with carrying out the Law of Our Region. Members of Cabinet, by virtue of that office, have not been granted the power or privilege to propose new Bills or Draft Amendments.

Therefore, I would like a ruling whether or not the said Rt. Hon. Minister is in order by putting a Bill at this Draft Table of Parliament, while it should be the legislative branch who writes down the Law, not the executive.

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Re: S0 2017 20 - Role Play Coordinator Supervision ACt - INVALID

Post by Abdoa on Sat Apr 08, 2017 6:00 am

On the Point of Order by the Hon. Nassau-Windsor MP:
The Hon. Member raises an important point of order, to which I respond that the Rt. Hon. Minister of Communications is not in order by putting this Bill in the Drafting Table at this time, as he is not an incumbent Senator. Therefore, all further discussion of the bill and its contents within Parliament will also be out of order, but if an Honorable Member chooses to introduce this Bill through the proper procedure it will not be restricted by its informal introduction here.
Furthermore, the Chair rules that from now onward any member of the Union not currently holding a seat in Parliament or its Chair who posts a topic or a reply to a topic within the forums dedicated to Parliament is unquestionably out of order if the said member has not been explicitly invited to address Parliament by a sitting MP or the Chair itself.

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Re: S0 2017 20 - Role Play Coordinator Supervision ACt - INVALID

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