Constitution of the Parliamentary Union of Sovereign Nations

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Constitution of the Parliamentary Union of Sovereign Nations

Post by Abdoa on Wed Apr 12, 2017 12:40 am

Constitution of the Parliamentary Union of Sovereign Nations

Article I: The Rights and Duties of Members

Section A: All Members who reside with the region are free to govern as they wish.

Section B: All Members have freedoms of Speech and Ideology.

Subsection 1: Any Member who abuses his/her right to Speech by verbally assaulting another member will be warned once before having to answer to the Judicial System.

Subsection 2: The Member’s posts on the RMB may be suppressed, accompanied by a warning, if they are deemed derogatory.

Section C: All Members have the ability to vote in elections.

Subsection 1: Unless they are convicted of a crime and are currently under the punishment defined by the Judicial System.

Section D: All Members have the right to run for Union Offices.

Section E: All Members have the right to refuse participation in a Temporary Tribunal.

Section F: All Members should strive to support the Union and create an atmosphere of creativity, knowledge, compassion, and friendship

Article II: The Legislature

Section A: The Legislature of the Parliamentary Union of Sovereign Nations shall be titled Parliament.

Section B: The Parliament shall consist of 9 Senators elected to 2 month terms.

Section C: Parliament has the authority to draft, vote on, and pass laws that will affect the Region as a whole.

Subsection 1: All votes must be passed by a majority vote among the 9 Senators.

Section D: Parliament may overturn a presidential veto by a two-thirds, i.e. 6 Senators, supermajority.

Section E: The Parliament acts as the jury for cases involving ordinary citizens, i.e. Not Government Officials.

Section F: The Parliament may pass a Vote of No Confidence in the Prime Minister and force him to resign.

Subsection 1: If the Prime Minister is removed, the WA nations in the Region must elect a new Prime Minister for a completely new term.

Section G: For all other Government Officials (President, Cabinet Members, Senators), the Parliament can call a vote of impeachment to begin official proceedings to remove the accused.

Section H: Parliament may not pass a law that restricts the freedom of any resident or one that removes a resident from the region.

Section I: Parliament may only debate on one bill at a time.

Section J: The Parliament may create new Cabinet positions to aid the Executive Branch.

Article III: The Executive

Section A: The Executive Branch of the Parliamentary Union of Sovereign States shall consist of the Founder, President, Prime Minister, and Cabinet.

Section B: The Founder, from now until he CTE, will be the ultimate authority of the Region.

Subsection 1: However, he will maintain minimal interference in the Government and will obey the decisions of the Parliament and respect the actions of the other Executive Officials

Subsection 2: The Founder will control the elections via Regional Polls.

Subsection 3: The Founder has the authority to lock the Region if a threat is perceived.

Subsection 4: The Founder will carry out the punishments issued by the Judicial System.

Subsection 5: The Founder has the right to alter the Regional Flag and the WFE.

Subsection 6: The powers of the Founder will be merged with the office of Prime Minister if the Founder CTE.

Section C: The President shall serve as the Head of State of the Region.

Subsection 1: The President shall be elected by the entire Region to a 3 month term.

Subsection 2: The President is responsible for organizing and overseeing the Regional Military.

Subsection 3: The President can veto acts of Parliament.

Subsection 4: The President shall appoint a temporary tribunal of 3 non-Government residents to try a Government official.

Subsection 5: The President shall work with the Minister of War to perform military initiatives to preserve the peace of the Region and aid our allies.

Subsection 6: The President is the head recruiter for the Region.

Subsection 7: The President shall appoint Ambassadors to allied regions that request one.

Section D: The Prime Minister shall serve as the Head of Government for the Region

Subsection 1: The Prime Minister shall be elected by the WA members of the Region to a 4 month term.

Subsection 2: The Prime Minister has the authority to appoint and dismiss the Cabinet.

Subsection 3: The Prime Minister shall chair Parliament.

Subsection 4: The Prime Minister shall serve as the WA Delegate for the Region.

Subsection 5: Must obey the President when asked to accept an embassy request or asked to send an embassy request.

Subsection 6: May be removed by the Parliament through a Vote of No Confidence.

Subsection 7: The Prime Minister shall appoint a temporary tribunal to try the President.

Subsection 8: The Prime Minister may alter the WFE.

Section E: The Cabinet shall serve as the main executors of the laws passed by Parliament.

Subsection 1: The Cabinet shall consist of Ministers that aid the Prime Minister and President.

Subsection 2: The Cabinet may not hold any other position in the Government.

Subsection 3: Four portfolios are created by this Constitution.

Clause a: The Minister of Development shall attempt to upkeep Regional Activity and strive to keep all members of the Region engaged.

Clause b: The Minister of Jurisprudence has the responsibility to know the Constitution and the laws passed by Parliament, and shall aid the Parliament and temporary tribunals during trials.

Clause c: The Minister of War shall aid the President in organizing and leading the Regional Military to safeguard the region and aid our allies.

Clause d: The Minister of Communications shall keep the Region up to date with Government News and Announcements that affect the region as a whole.

Point i: The Communication Minster shall also notify a member if he/she is summoned for a trial, and if they have posted anything that is offensive on the RMB.

Article IV: Media for Communication

Section 1: All systems within NS shall be the primary way to communicate with the entire region.

Subsection 1: This includes the RMB, Telegrams, the WFE and Dispatches

Section 2: The Government Activity shall take place on the Forum created by the Founder.

Subsection 1: The Parliament may vote for a more experienced Forum designer to create a new Forum.

Subsection 2: Therefore, when elected, all Government Officials must register on the Forum.

Subsection 3: As will all members of a Temporary Tribunal.

Section 3: Voting shall take place via the Regional Poll.

Subsection 1: A new term shall begin on the first of a month.

Subsection 2: Polls will be open for two days, from the 23 - 25 of the preceding month.

Subsection 3: From the 15 – 22, any candidates must notify the Founder with their intention to run for office.

Clause a: After notifying the Founder, a candidate may begin his/her campaign.

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