SO 2017-17 Electoral Notifications Act ENACTED

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SO 2017-17 Electoral Notifications Act ENACTED

Post by Abdoa on Wed Apr 12, 2017 6:32 am

An Act to give provisions for notifications with regards to elections.

WHEREAS there are, under the Constitution or under another Act of Parliament, to be held elections in Our Region, from time to time;

WHEREAS there are already regulated a great deal of subjects with regards to the aforementioned elections;

WHEREAS it appears to be necessary, to regulate provisions for notifications with regards to the aforementioned elections;

BE IT ENACTED by Us, by and with the consent and advice of Parliament, and the authority of the same, as follows:-

Chapter I: General provisions
Article 1
As soon as the Founder has notified the region of an upcoming election, thereby stating for how long Members can request to be put on the ballot, Members are free to make such a request by notification.

Article 2
Under a ‘notification’ as stated by Article 1 of this Act, shall be understand a telegram on NationStates or a private message on Our Forum.

Article 3
As soon as the Founder has received and read the notification of such a request, he shall decide whether or not the Member shall be put on the ballot. The only reason to refuse a Member to be put on the ballot paper, is if a Court has restricted the Member’s right of passive electorship in such a way, that it makes him unable to be put on the ballot for that time.

Article 4
The Founder, after he has made a decision as outlined in Article 3 of this Act, shall notify the Member immediately. The Founder shall do so through the same means as he has received the request. The notification of the Founder shall include:
a confirmation that his request to be put on the ballot has been received;
whether or not he will be put on the ballot;
if he will be put on the ballot, for which election he will be put;
if he will not be put on the ballot, through which means he is unable to be put.

Article 5
Immediately after the Founder sent his notification, as described by Article 4 of this Act, he shall put the Member upon the respective ballot in his dispatch “On elections and appointment”.

Article 6
If a Member, being put onto a ballot paper, at any time before the election starts, wishes to be removed from that ballot, he shall give a notification to the Founder, through means of a telegram on NationStates or a private message on Our Forum.

Article 7
The Founder shall immediately give confirmation of a request as described by Article 6 of this Act. The confirmation shall be send in the way similarly to which the request has been received.

Article 8
Immediately after the Founder has send his confirmation notice as described by Article 7, he shall strike, but not remove, the Member from that ballot.

Article 9
A Member can only make one request to be put on one and the same ballot again, after he has been removed from that ballot in the way outlined by Article 8 of this Act, unless special reasons, outlined in another request, are provided to the Founder.

Chapter II: Special provisions for parties or groups
Article 10
If at any moment an election allows a group or a party, that is to say two or more members joined together in one body, to be put on a ballot paper, only one member of that group needs to apply in the name of the group.

Article 11
The request that needs to be send to the Founder must then contain a list of the group's members, in descending order of precedence. The formation of that list is an internal matter for the group and may not be questioned by the Founder. The member of a group that sent the request for the group can request to update the order of precedence of that party. Such requests can include: a) members being placed at an other rank of precedence; b) a new member being added; and c) a member being removed. Such updates can only be requested three times per group per election.

Article 12
If at any time a member wishes to be removed from a group, he shall contact the Founder, who will immediately give confirmation of that request, and will then remove, not just strike, his name on that list. The member may then request to be put on the ballot paper as either an individual or a member of another group at least once.

Article 13
It is illegal for a member of the region to put upon any list of his group, any other member of the region that did not give approval prior, and verbally made his objection known, to that placing. Such cases may be heard by the regional court, yet shall not influence the actions of the Founder with regards to this Act of Parliament. The aforementioned illegal action shall be styled "ballot paper fraud". The crime described in this article shall be classified as a felony.

Article 14
A member of the region may not be put onto a ballot paper more than one time, either as member of a group or as an individual. If such cases appear, the request received the latest shall be taken into consideration.

Chapter III: Special provisions for an election of a Prime Minister
Article 15
With regards to an election for the office of Prime Minister of the Region, a Member is also deemed unable to be put on the ballot if he is, at the moment of request, not a Member-State of the World Assembly.

Article 16
With regards to an election for the office of Prime Minister of the Region, the Founder will see if the Members on the ballot are being Member-States of the World Assembly at the immediate moment before he starts the election. If such a Member is not a Member-State, he shall not be able to run, and a notification of such a removal from the ballot paper shall be made, by telegram on NationStates to the specific Member and on the Regional Forum in the proper place.

Chapter IV: Final provisions
Article 17
Further provisions relating to the ballot papers may be issued by the Founder. Such provisions may not declare certain members unable to exercise any or more of their rights with regards to the ballot [papers], and must only contain procedural provisions. Such provisions must be announced on the Regional Message Board, or on the Forum in the Office of the Founder. Provisions shall not take effect until fourteen days after their proper notifications to the Region.

Article 18
This Act shall take immediate effect from the moment it has been signed into Law by the President.

Article 19
This Act shall continue to have effect during interregnums of any position or office in the Regional governance.

Article 20
This Act may be cited as “Electoral Notifications Act 2017”.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017
The Hon. Nassau-Windsor MP LSM
The Hon. Thomolia MP
The Hon. Abdoa MP GSM LSM
The Rt. Hon. Libertarian Democracy MP LSM

Status: enacted

The Right Honorable President, the Baron Abdoa, MP LSM GSM
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