SO 2017-22 Regional Map Territory Adoption Act

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SO 2017-22 Regional Map Territory Adoption Act

Post by Abdoa on Wed Apr 26, 2017 2:48 pm

Senate of the Parliamentary Union

SO 2017-22

Regional Map Territory Adoption Act

I. Adoption of the Regional Map

This bill will allow for the map entitled "Map B" that was voted for by regional poll will hereby be instated as the official map for the Parliamentary Union of Nations. This map will be used primarily for Role Play, but may also be used for other reasons.

II. Preface

Recognizing that there is no current system of adopting territory on our newly owned regional map, the following rules will dictate how these specific interactions decide separate territories.

III. Assignment of Land

The official who will be assigning land and receiving proposals for land will be the Minister of Development, who will verify either that a nation will be receiving their requested land, or will not be receiving their land of choice, until everyone has land, after which the authority of the map will go to a Role Play moderator. If the Minister of Development has unfairly distributed land, he/she may receive punishments. These punishments include:

A) Loss of land
B) Loss of credibility
C) Possible court trial

IV. Claiming Territory

Claiming territory will be much more simple than any other way: make a claim on a piece of the map, you may have it or be shot down for the following reasons:

I. Merit: If a citizen doesn't participate in regional democracy or is never active, often keeping to themselves, they may receive less land than an active nation.
II. Nation Size: If a citizen has a huge nation or needs a huge nation because of past Role Play or other justified reasons, you will receive a large plot of land.
III. Population: If a citizen has a large population, they may receive a larger portion of the map than a newer country with a small population.

V. Alternative Means of Obtaining Territory

If a citizen receives a small portion of the map, such citizen may request for the Prime Minister to re-think their actions through any form of contact, which will allow for the possibility of such citizen receiving a larger portion of land. You may also conquer others land through role play, which may result in the loss of your own land..

VI. Map Violations

If any nation chooses to do something wrong or invalid by RP or other standards, you may receive a loss of a portion of your land as well as any other criminal charges seen just in the court of the Union. During the criminal trial, you may be subject to RP, Map and other violations.

April 9th, 2017
Sepharich, PM
Thomolia, MwP

Status: incorporated into SO 2017-20 before debate

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