SO 2017-40 Diplomatic Representation Act

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SO 2017-40 Diplomatic Representation Act

Post by Abdoa on Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:39 am

An Act to allow foreign dignitaries to represent their respective region to Our Region.

WHEREAS We have established in-game embassies with foreign Regions;

WHEREAS We think that there should be a possibility to communicate between and among said Regions and Our Region;

BELIEVING that regulation for such communication should be done by Act of Parliament;

BE IT ENACTED by Us, by and with the advice and consent of Parliament, and by the authority of the same, as follows:-

Chapter I: General provisions
Article 1
Diplomatic relations are established by the creation of an in-game embassy on NationStates. The President is fully entitled to establish diplomatic relations, without prior permission from Parliament.

Article 2
The establishment and continuing of diplomatic relations between Regions takes place by mutual consent. The President is fully entitled to withdraw diplomatic representations without the prior permission from Parliament at any time.

Chapter II: Diplomatic missions to Our Region
Article 3
Whenever diplomatic relations have been established, and have not been withdrawn, the Foreign Region may, under their own corpus of Law, appoint one person or a commission to represent their Region.

Article 4
The person or commissioners appointed under Article 3 of this Act may shall be entitled to use and enjoy the title of “Ambassador” with the prefix of “His/Her/Your Excellency” as so long as he resides within Our Region.

Article 5
Such persons as appointed by Article 3 must be approved by the President before he can take his office.

Article 6
The Founder shall create a forum to be called “Embassies”. Each Ambassador, or each commissioner if such be convenient, is entitled to start a new topic, with as name “The Embassy from [Region’s name]”.

Article 7
When convenient, the Founder can also, create a topic in the forum established under Article 6 of this Act for specific negotiations and treaties.

Article 8
Ambassadors shall have the privilege to post in any topic that belongs to the forum “Embassies”. They need prior permission from the President to post in any topic outside the said forum.

Article 9
Ambassadors shall have a distinct colour in which their name is displayed at Our Forum. The colour shall be that as the Founder pleases.

Article 10
The President is entitled to write and pass further regulations and codes of conduct for Ambassadors by Presidential Decree, unless stated otherwise in an Act of Parliament.

Chapter III: Diplomatic missions from Our Region
Article 11
Whenever diplomatic relations have been established, and have not been withdrawn, the President may appoint any Member of Our Region who is willing, and has not been convicted for any criminal action by the Judicial Branch of Our Region for the last six months prior to his appointment, to become the representative to the Foreign Region.

Article 12
The Foreign Region may, at all times, reserve the right to request that another Member be appointed, for whatever reason they think fit.

Article 13
The Foreign Region may, at all times, grant or limit privileges to Our representative to their Region when residing there.

Article 14
The duty of Our representative shall be to voice the interests of Our Region, as prescribed to him by the President or Parliament if such a motion was adopted. They shall have the privilege to negotiate upon all sorts of treaties and other bilateral or multilateral agreements on behalf of the President, following the instructions of the latter.

Article 15
The President can write regulations and codes of conduct for representatives from Our Region, who must then follow such immediately whenever convenient under the rules of the Foreign Region, unless stated otherwise by an Act of Parliament.

Chapter IV: Deputies
Article 16
Alongside any Ambassador to Our Region or representative from Our Region may be appointed Deputy Ambassadors and Deputy Representatives. They shall replace the Ambassador or representative if the latter is unable to perform his duties.

Article 17
The Deputies shall have the same privileges as the Ambassadors or representatives.

Chapter V: Immunity
Article 18
Ambassadors to Our Region shall have freedom of arrest and trial under all circumstances. He cannot be tried by any Court of Justice for whatever action he committed in the execution of his duties or any other action related to the execution of his duties.

Article 19
Ambassadors to Our Region shall have unrestricted freedom of speech, limited only by the provisions in this Act of Parliament concerning the place at which they can be voiced.

Chapter VI: Short name
Article 20
This Act may be cited as “[The] Diplomatic Representation Act 2017”.

Friday 2nd June 2017
The Rt. Hon. Nassau-Windsor MP LSM

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