GD 2017-01 Embassy Regulations

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GD 2017-01 Embassy Regulations

Post by Abdoa on Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:57 am

Office of the Prime Minister
GD 2017-01
Embassy Regulations

NOTING that the risk posed by invaders to our community and others should never be ignored; further
NOTING that embassy ties with small, inactive, and Founderless regions are a circumstance liable to increase the danger of invasion for more active communities; it is therefore
DIRECTED by the Office of the Prime Minister with the full authority of the Government, as follows;-

Article 1
A moratorium is hereby imposed on the construction of embassies with regions that are founderless or that have a Founder over seven (7) days inactive.

Article 2
In the case that embassies are already being maintained with a region that is founderless or that has a Founder over seven (7) days inactive, an assessment shall be made by the Prime Minister's Office as to whether the said region still has an active native population. If the findings are to the contrary, the PM shall order the closure of embassies with the said region.

Article 3
The provisions of this Directive are to be re-enacted every seven (7) days for an indefinite period of time.

August 1, 2017
The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Abdoa, MP LSM GSM

The Right Honorable President, the Baron Abdoa, MP LSM GSM
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