SO 2017-76 New Recruitment Initiative Act

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SO 2017-76 New Recruitment Initiative Act

Post by Libertarian Democracy on Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:32 am

Senate of the Parliamentary Union
SO 2017-76
New Recruitment Initiative Act 2017

ARTICLE I: Preface
We, the Parliament of the Union, in order to revitalize our existing recruitment system, hereby put forth a new set of initiatives to increase participation in recruitment and boost recruitment rates.

ARTICLE II: Emblems and Honours
1) The Recruitment Council shall affix the following seal on all future official publications:
2) All sitting appointed members of the Recruitment Council shall be the only members of the Union permitted to use bear post-nominal letters “RO” in their titles.
3) A: A new medal is to be created under the provisions of SO#2016-05 (Regional Honors Act), Article 13, titled the “Recruitment Service Medal”.
B: The medal shall be awarded by the State College of Heraldry and Honors to the appointed member of the Recruitment Council, sitting or former, who has a combined twelve (12) months of service as an appointed member of the Recruitment Council.
C: The recipient of the medal shall be the sole members of the Union permitted to bear the post-nominal letters “RSM” in their titles.

ARTICLE III: Recruitment System
1) The Recruitment Council shall convene, and devise a new recruitment telegram, and replace the current recruitment campaign with the new recruitment telegram. (See Appendix A)
2) The Minister of Development may submit one letter to the Recruitment Council detailing the Ministry of Development’s wishes for the new recruitment telegram.
3) The text of the new recruitment telegram shall be posted in the Citizens’ Forum, and at least five (5) days will be allowed for discussion amongst the members before the new recruitment telegram is formally adopted.

ARTICLE IV: Recruitment Council
1) If there is a vacancy on the Recruitment Council, the President shall work with the Ministry of Communications to fill the position by both telegram and RMB advertisement, with only one of each being permitted to be sent in a seven (7) -day period.
2) A: A “Recruitment Task Force” (hereinafter “Task Force”) shall be formed within seven (7) days of the assent of this Document, and shall be composed of the Minister of Development, the Chair of the Parliamentary Development Committee, and the President, with the latter chairing.
B: The Task Force shall conduct a survey to determine how many members of the Union have the NationStates++ Browser Extension installed, how many would be willing to install it if they have not already, how many members are active, and which languages are represented in the Union.
C: The Task Force shall also brainstorm ideas regarding recruitment.
D: The items in Subclauses B and C of this Clause shall be compiled in a final report to be submitted to the Recruitment Council and the Prime Minister within sixty (60) days of the assent of this Document, at which point the Recruitment Task Force will be dissolved.

ARTICLE V: Conclusion
We, the Parliament of the Union, hereby enact the above positions as law, and order that they be executed in a timely fashion.

October 16, 2017
The Rt. Hon. Minister of Jurisprudence Libertarian Democracy, MP LSM GSM
The Hon. Saint Artica and the Nordic Kingdoms, MP
The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Abdoa, MP LSM GSM

Appendix A: Current Recruitment Telegram
"Hello, %NATION%!
You will have received a ton of TGs from a lot of regions, but you have received none from a region as unique as Parliamentary Union of Sovereign Nations. Many regions are too small or too big, and have very few RMB posts or an overwhelming amount of posts per week. We have a medium-sized, active, engaged community. And we would like you to join our community.
Here are some more reasons to join:
-We communicate both on the RMB and on our elegant offsite forums
-We have a detailed Constitution and an elected Government and Legislature.
-There may be openings for government and legislative positions!
-Active regional RPs
-A regional newspaper, the Bulletin
So click the button below and join the Parliamentary Union of Sovereign Nations!
Parliamentary Union President"

Debate scheduled October 19-21, 2017
Motion to Pass to a Vote made October 20, 2017, ignored October 20, 2017
Vote scheduled October 21-25, 2017
Vote passed October 27, 2017
Presidential Assent given October 30, 2017

Status: PASSED


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