Recruitment Task Force

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Recruitment Task Force

Post by Nassau-Windsor on Wed Nov 22, 2017 8:07 pm

I, in my capacity as President and Chair of the Recruitment Task Force, do hereby summon the following Members to participate in this Recruitment Task Force, in accordance with the New Recruitment Initiative Act (SO 2017-76):

  • The Minister of Development; and
  • The Chair of the Parliamentary Development Committee.

Furthermore, I propose that the Task Force initiates a poll in which the following question will be asked:

"Do you already or are you willing to have and use NS++ extensions to any or more browser(s) that you regularly use, in order to participate in our recruitment policy?"

The following answers would be possible:

1) "Yes I do have such extensions and am willing."
2) "Yes I do have such extensions, but I am not willing."
3) "No I do not have such extensions, but I am willing."
4) "No I do not have such extensions and I am not willing."
5) "I wish to abstain."

Members of the Task Force, please give your counsel.

Current President
Current Member of Parliament
Current King-of-Arms

Former President (1x); Former Minister of Development (2x); Former Member of Parliament (7x)

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