SO 2017-79 Mapping Effective Tactics Allowing Regional Political Strategy [META RPS] Act

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SO 2017-79 Mapping Effective Tactics Allowing Regional Political Strategy [META RPS] Act

Post by Libertarian Democracy on Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:12 am

Parliament of the Union
SO 2017-79
Mapping Effective Tactics Allowing Regional Political Strategy Act

WHEREAS it is the belief of the Parliament of the Union that the institution of the Parliament is vital to the functional administration and governance of the Union;
WHEREAS it is also the belief of the same body that the activity of the region can be greatly enhanced;
WHEREAS there exists no framework for politics to play an active role in our region;
WHEREAS potential to spur regional activity can be found in politicizing our Parliament, so long as an established system separates the politicization from the proper administrative functions of the Parliament;
BE IT ORDERED by the Parliament of the Union, with the advice of the Senators of the Union in the Parliament assembled, as follow;

Chapter I: Name
Article 1.
This Act may be referred to as the META RPS Act.

Chapter II: Establishing a System for Political Bills in the Parliament
Article 1.
Following the same procedures laid-out in the Parliamentary Procedure Orders Act, all bills serving political purposes will be processed according to the proper orders and procedures of this Parliament.

Article 2.
When proposing a bill or resolution in the Drafting Table of the Parliament, the primary sponsor of the proposal may introduce the proposal as a Political Senate Order (hereafter PSO). After achieving the requisite number of co-sponsors to be moved out of the Drafting Table, the Chair of Parliament will commit any PSO to all standing Parliamentary Committees. The Committees shall screen the bill to ensure the proposal does not affect the proper administration of the Union Government. Upon receiving positive reports from each Standing Committee, the proposal may be moved to the Debate Hall and resume normal order in the Parliament.

Article 3.
PSOs shall not be binding upon the members of the Union, but instead serve as a way to express political policies of a majority of the Senators assembled in this Parliament.

[Author & Date Unknown]

Status: In Drafting


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