SO 2017-81 Regional Militia Act

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SO 2017-81 Regional Militia Act Empty SO 2017-81 Regional Militia Act

Post by Libertarian Democracy on Fri Nov 24, 2017 4:10 am

SO 2017-81 Regional Militia Act 2017

An Act to provide general regulations for the Regional Military Forces.

WHEREAS Our Region has no current regulations for Our Regional Military Forces;

BEING OF THE OPINION that there should be made such general regulations;

BE IT ENACTED by Us, by and with the advice and consent of Parliament, and by the authority of the same, as follows:--

Chapter I: General provisions
Article 1
A public entity of Our Region is hereby created and established. It shall be named "[the] Militia of th Parliamentary Union of Nations". The name may also be shortened to "[the] Militia".

Article 2
The Militia shall be the armed forces for Our Region. They shall have the following functions:
1) to secure to the utmost of their abilities the safety and independence of Our Region;
2) to protect Our Region from attacks conducted from others; and
3) to defend all other such Regions which are Allies of Our Region.

Article 3
With regards to Article 2, sub 3 of this Act, the President shall have the power to deem other Regions than Our Region as one of Our Allies. He shall do so by Executive Order, published in the International Gazette.

Chapter II: Internal structure
Article 4
The President shall be the Commander-in-Chief of the Militia. The Minister of War shall be his deputy and shall carry out the day-to-day business of the Militia.

Article 5
The President as well as the Minister of War shall, by virtue of their respective offices, be members of the Militia. They have precedence over all other members and may give orders which are then to be followed by all others.

Article 6
Members of Our Region may voluntarily applicate to become a member of the Militia.

Article 7
Except the positionholders as set out in Article 5 of this Act, all members may also upon their own choice resign from the Militia.

Chapter III: Duties and responsibilities
Article 8
It shall be the duty of the Minister of War to have at least three times a year a confidential audience with the President, in order to outline the general policies that will be followed.

Article 9
It shall be the responsibility of the Minister of War to gather intelligence on other Regions with regards to "raiding' and 'defending'.

Article 10
If there is a severe possibility that Our Region may be raided or should fear another attack to its independency, the Minister of War shall have the duty to inform the President, who, in term, shall have the duty to contact the Founder.

Article 11
If there is a severe possibility that an Ally may be raided or should fear another attack to its independency, the Minister of War shall have the duty to inform their respective responsible authorities, yet if none is present, he shall forward such concerns to the Founder, or World Assembly Delegate for that Region.

Article 12
The President or the Minister of War may give certain further specific regulations and orders, which must then be followed.

Chapter IV: Active operations
Article 13
In order to actively involve in a defending mission with regards to an Ally, pre-given unanimous mandate, among the voting Members, must be given by Parliament. If the Prime Minister is not a Member of Parliament at such times, then he too must grant his approval. Active involvement does not apply in processes related to actively gathering information.

Article 14
Parliament must give a specific mandate for active military operations, except for the defence of Our own Region, each time it is requested. Both the President and the Minister of War, whether a Member of Parliament or not, may request such mandates.

Article 15
Mandates as requested in Article 13 juncto 14 of this Act shall be placed directly in the Debate Hall of Parliament, where they remain for one day, after which a vote, lasting 48-hours, is taken immediately. The request is neither amendable nor can it be revoked before the vote is completed. Each mandate shall include a provision to which Region it is directed and for how long the Militia will be used.

Article 16
Even when a mandate is given, the President may refuse to use it.

Chapter V: Other provisions
Article 17
The President, and on his behalf the Minister of War, may issue specific directions as orders, which must then be followed by all those serving in the Militia.

Article 18
This Act may be cited as "[The] Regional Militia Act 2017".

Wednesday, 22 November 2017
The Rt. Hon. Nassau-Windsor MP LSM, President

Status: In Drafting

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The Right Honourable Minister of Jurisprudence Lord Libertarian Democracy, RO MP LSM GSM
Baron of the Union
Speaker pro Tempore of Parliament
General-Secretary of the Classical Liberal Party
Libertarian Democracy
Libertarian Democracy

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