Executive Order 2017-8

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Executive Order 2017-8 Empty Executive Order 2017-8

Post by Nassau-Windsor on Sun Dec 24, 2017 1:53 pm

We, NASSAU-WINDSOR, President of Our Region, do hereby, in accordance with the Provisions set out in the Positional Commissions Act 2017, create a Commission.

NOW KNOW YE that the reason for this Commission, is that because of divers matters, We cannot regulate in due time the things to be done by the New Recruitment Initiative Act;

AND FURTHERMORE that the duration for this Commission shall be so long as this Executive Order is not revoked or repealed by the President of Our Region;

AND MOREOVER that the commissioners shall be:
1) The Right Honourable Libertarian Democracy, GSM LSM MP, in his capacity as Minister of Justice, and
2) The Right Honourable Abdoa, GSM LSM MP, in his capacity as Leader of Parliament;

AND MOREOVER that the commissioners shall rank equally between each other, but that their decisions must be unanimously decided.


Nassau-Windsor LSM
President of Our Region

Current Member of Parliament
Current King-of-Arms

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