Ministry of Communications Meeting 1 (August 1st, 2016)

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Ministry of Communications Meeting 1 (August 1st, 2016)

Post by Libertarian Democracy on Mon Aug 01, 2016 4:05 pm

Let it be known that on August 1st, 2016, the Ministry of Communications met with the President for the first time to discuss official Ministry matters.

So, Junastria, back in the day we had a regional newspaper that I started.  At the time we didn't have an MoC and had unfortunately low activity.  It was originally discussed in this thread.  You can see the first (and only) issue here.

I think it would be a great activity booster (and it would look good for recruitment) if we could revive this newspaper.  As MoC, I would have you handle writing and collecting articles, and I can handle formatting and editing.  You would have great discretion in the articles - you could write them yourself, or write some and appoint some writers to the Ministry to write the rest.  I would like to keep the same layout as the last issue, with the following sections:


  • G1: Spotlight Article - Whatever big news there is in the Government or Parliament.
  • G2: From The Voting Hall - A short article on what Parliament has recently voted on.
  • G3: Debate Hall Spotlight - A short article on the bill currently (or recently) being debated.
  • G4: The President's Desk - A short article on what bills have recently hit the President's desk.

Regional Update:

  • R1: Upcoming Events - Elections, RPs, whatever upcoming events that will happen soon.
  • R2: Population Statistics - I can handle this, since I already have the original graph on my computer.

Community Section:

  • C1: Citizen Shoutouts: Citizens will TG us if they want to say something (very brief) in the newspaper.
  • C2: Nation of the Week: Choose a citizen that has done some service to the region recently.  If people send you nominations, you should consider those with a greater weight.  Otherwise, it will be completely at your own discretion.
  • C3: A Glimmer of Light: Find an inspirational real-life story.

I'd like to have an issue published by the end of the month.  Installing NS++ would be great so we could work on it together and be able to publish it more easily.

Sound good?
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