The Parliamentary Union of Nations
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Post by Terran Star Republic Tue Jun 06, 2017 6:43 am

0853 hours, local time
New Providence, Terran Star Republic

A hush falls over the crew of a small obsolete craft orbiting Gala, directly over the capital city

"Sir, scans are complete. All observation teams have reported in. It is done."

Captain Jonathan Wen turns in his chair towards his tactical officer

"Well then, what are the results?"

The woman at the tactical station grins, causing her holographic cheeck to flicker, exposing heavily burned skin, in contrast to her bright red skin

"Team Leaders One and Two report that they've secured the Consul. Team five reports that the military has entered the Parliament building, and have implemented five of the six phases to secure the building, all other teams are with the Consul, or back on board the ship."

"Excellent, activate stage six and break orbit. Then contact Full Circle. Tell them that mission has been completed, and that all assets are ready. Ask them to notify the Organization that they can proceed to free the next target."

The small ship breaks orbit, passing military ships headed to Gala. They jump to warp, unnoticed. Later that day, the Terran Star Republic falls into chaos, its government is mostly dead, the military is unable to maintains order, and largely flees. The civilian population begin some to riot, and the nation's quickly falls apart. WIthin two days, there is no Terran Star Republic, only it's resources, population, and former territory.

(This isn't a war roleplay, though it may escalate into one. Personally suggest that you find Full Circle and the "Organization". You start off with only the knowledge I have revealed this month on NS))
Terran Star Republic
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