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The Reform Party (New Thread)

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The Reform Party (New Thread) Empty The Reform Party (New Thread)

Post by Sepharich Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:05 pm


The Reform Party (New Thread) An11

                               The Reform Party's Constitution (The Rights of Man)

-ARTICLE I: Men are born, and always continue, free and equal in respect of their Rights. Civil distinctions, therefore, can be founded only on Public Utility.
-ARTICLE II: The end of all Political associations is the Preservation of the Natural and Imprescriptible Rights of Man; and these rights are Liberty, Property, Security, and Resistance of Oppression.
-ARTICLE III: The Nation is essentially the source of all Sovereignty; nor can any individual, or any body of Men, be entitled to any authority which is not expressly derived from it.
-ARTICLE IV: Political Liberty consists in the power of doing whatever does not Injure another. The exercise of the Natural Rights of every Man, has no other limits than those which are necessary to secure to every other Man the Free exercise of the same Rights; and these limits are determinable only by the Law
-ARTICLE V: The Law ought to Prohibit only actions hurtful to Society. What is not Prohibited by the Law should not be hindered; nor should anyone be compelled to that which the Law does not Require.
-ARTICLE VI: The Law is an expression of the Will of the Community. All Citizens have a right to concur, either personally or by their Representatives, in its formation. It Should be the same to all, whether it protects or punishes; and all being equal in its sight, are equally eligible to all Honors, Places, and employments, according to their different abilities, without any other distinction than that created by their Virtues and talents.
-ARTICLE VII: No Man should be accused, arrested, or held in confinement, except in cases determined by the Law, and according to the forms which it has prescribed. All who promote, solicit, execute, or cause to be executed, arbitrary orders, ought to be punished, and every Citizen called upon, or apprehended by virtue of the Law, ought immediately to obey, and renders himself culpable by resistance.
-ARTICLE VIII: The Law ought to impose no other penalties but such as are absolutely and evidently necessary; and no one ought to be punished, but in virtue of a Law promulgated before the offence, and Legally applied.
-ARTICLE IX: Every Man being presumed innocent till he has been convicted, whenever his detention becomes indispensable, all to him, more than is necessary to secure his person, ought to be provided against by the Law.
-ARTICLE X: No Man ought to be molested on account of his opinions, not even on account of his Religious opinions, provided his avowal of them does not disturb the Public Order established by the Law.
-ARTICLE XI: The unrestrained communication of thoughts and opinions being one of the Most Precious Rights of Man, every Citizen may speak, write, and publish freely, provided he is responsible for the abuse of this Liberty, in cases determined by the Law.
-ARTICLE XII: A Public force being necessary to give security to the Rights of Men and of Citizens, that force is instituted for the benefit of the Community and not for the particular benefit of the persons to whom it is entrusted.
-ARTICLE XIII: A common contribution being necessary for the support of the Public force, and for defraying the other expenses of Government, it ought to be divided equally among the Members of the Community, according to their abilities.
-ARTICLE XIV: Every Citizen has a Right, either by himself or his Representative, to a free voice in determining the necessity of Public Contributions, the appropriation of them, and their amount, mode of assessment, and duration.
-ARTICLE XV: Every Community has a Right to demand of all its agents an account of their conduct.
-ARTICLE XVI: Every Community in which a Separation of Powers and a Security of Rights is not Provided for, wants a Constitution.
-ARTICLE XVII: The Right to Property being inviolable and sacred, no one ought to be deprived of it, except in cases of evident Public necessity, legally ascertained, and on condition of a previous just Indemnity.
Made By: Thomas Paine


     The Reform party believes in one leader making decisions based of the beliefs of the people, and deciding this policy when a problem occurs to fix it, Saving funds throughout breaks when there are no internal problems. During these breaks, Some funds, although not a huge amount, goes to foreign aid as our party believes in aiding allies and even enemies to help the international community as a whole. Being the first party established in TPUN, you know you can trust us.

  • Abortion: Any: you can legalize it or prohibit it

  • Religion: Any: we believe freedom of expression

  • Civil Rights: Required: You must allow citizens equal rights no matter their ethnicity, beliefs, gender, sexual preference or political views.

  • Specific Beliefs: Any are fine, unless they discriminate,infringe on another human rights or are extremist values that do not accept others.

  • Government Size: Preferably Small governments dedicated to pleasing the people and large military and police programs that spend extra expenditures on funding education, helping businesses, and giving loans to impoverished families.

If you have any questions, comment in the thread.

The Reform Party (New Thread) Coat-o13

Sepharich, Senator
The Islamic State of Malaya, Citizen
Thomolia, MwP
Broshki, Citizen


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The Reform Party (New Thread) Empty Re: The Reform Party (New Thread)

Post by Sepharich Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:06 pm

I welcome new and joining members and thank all of those members that have stayed loyal!

The Reform Party (New Thread) 8rEF1Tb
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