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Recruitment Task Force Report

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Recruitment Task Force Report Empty Recruitment Task Force Report

Post by Libertarian Democracy Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:42 pm

Recruitment Task Force Report MJyPoXu
Official Report of the Recruitment Task Force

Under Article V, Clause 2 of SO#2017-76 (“New Recruitment Initiative Act”), the Recruitment Task Force convened on 24 December 2017, composed of the Positional Commission for the Office of the President as President and Chair, The Right Honourable Prime Minister Hashkin, MP LSM as Chair of the Development Committee of Parliament, and a third seat designated for the Minister of Development that was vacant for the duration of the proceedings.

On 25 December 2017, the Task Force launched a survey to determine how many Members of the Union are active, how many Members have the NationStates++ browser extension (which is used by the Recruitment Council to send recruitment telegrams) installed, (among those who do not) how many Members would be willing to install the NationStates++ browser extension, and which languages are spoken.  The survey was closed on 1 January 2018, and the results are as follows:

1. Have you installed the NationStates++ Browser Extension? (6 Responses)
Yes: 4 (67%)
No: 2 (33%)

2. If not, would you be able/willing to install it? (2 Responses)
Yes: 1 (50%)
No: 1 (50%)

3. Which languages do you speak? (4 responses)
English: 4
French: 1
German: 1
Italian: 1
Swedish: 1
Spanish: 1

Additional Analysis: 75% of those who responded to Question 3 spoke at least two (2) languages.

Given these data, the following conclusions are presented:

  1. Only 6 nations in the region were active and willing to participate in the survery.
  2. There is one empty seat on the Recruitment Council, and there is at least one Member who could fill the role.
  3. The Union is a multilingual region that could with population growth see significant minority-language interactions.

Finally, the Task Force has several ideas regarding recruitment:

  1. The recruitment telegram should be redrafted to add something like "But we aren't just a region for legislative geeks! There's all this other stuff you can do: roleplay, just talk on the RMB, take a minor government executive position..."
  2. The diversity of languages spoken in the region should be mentioned that in the recruitment telegram.
  3. For the purposes of linking to the proper region in the recruitment telegram, we should promote the unofficial and informal use of The Parliamentary Union of Nations (and/or the abbreviation TPUN) instead of the official Union name and abbreviation, reserving that for official use.

January 3rd, 2018
Positional Commission for the Office of the President
The Right Honourable Prime Minister Hashkin, MP LSM

Recruitment Task Force Report 35iyo7o
The Right Honourable Minister of Jurisprudence Lord Libertarian Democracy, RO MP LSM GSM
Baron of the Union
Speaker pro Tempore of Parliament
General-Secretary of the Classical Liberal Party
Libertarian Democracy
Libertarian Democracy

Recruitment Task Force Report 80px-Coronet_of_a_British_Baron.svg
Recruitment Task Force Report 06dW5co Recruitment Task Force Report 8rEF1Tb
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