SO 2017-12 Inactive Membership revoking Act

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SO 2017-12 Inactive Membership revoking Act

Post by Nassau-Windsor on Mon Feb 13, 2017 11:01 am

WHEREAS there is a considerable number of members residing within Our Region who are inactive for a very long time, or even for all of their time residing within the said Our Region.

WHEREAS there have been blocked a number of Constitutional Amendments, because of the large amount of inactive members within Our Region.

BELIEVING that this development may block other vital legislative drafts in the future;

BELIEVING that we should do everything in our ability and power to keep our legislative process functional and constitutional.

BE IT ENACTED by Us, by and with the advice and consent of Parliament, and by the authority of the same, as follows:-

Article 1
A member of Our Region is:
1. a person that has an account on NationStates, residing within Our Region; or
2. a person that has an account on Our Forum.

Article 2
Offices and positions become vacant when the incumbent ceases-to-exist on NationStates, or has not acted in any way, either formal or informal, on the Forum for two consecutive months.

Article 3
The Founder shall have the power to eject, but not ban, members from Our Region if they are inactive for more than two consecutive months. In order to be regarded as inactive, a nation:
a. ceases-to-exist; or
b. does not post on the Regional Message Board (a vote casted in any regional poll must be regarded as a post on the Regional Message Board) and on Our Forum;
c. commits or does not commit any other activity added to this list through an Amendment.

Article 4
If at some point, a member fears to be ejected because of Article 3, but he does not wish to be so ejected, he will contact the founder, either by message on the Regional Message Board or by telegram. The member may then not be ejected from the region for at least another two months. The member must provide a reason not to be ejected. If the reason is personal, he is fully entitled just to state that it is “a private matter on which I neither can nor wish to inform you because of its said private nature”.

Article 5
Members that are up for ejection under Article 3 must be publically warned by the Founder, on the Regional Message Board, at least 72 hours prior to their ejection.

Article 6
This Act extends to non-puppets and puppets equally.

Article 7
Any member may object to an ejection through a petition. The petition must be directed to the Founder and be announced to him, in one or more of the following places: 1) Our Forum; 2) the Regional Message Board; or 3) the Founder’s account through a telegram. The petition must be sponsored by at least 4 other members, not being puppets. Upon a lawfully petition being received by the Founder, he then creates a regional poll that will last for 48 hours which puts the question whether the member should be ejected. Does the member itself vote, then the process of ejection shall be cancelled immediately, regardless of how it votes.

Article 8
The Minister of Development, in co-operation with the Prime Minister and the President, shall supervise the Founder with regards to the execution of this Act.

Article 9
Further measures may be laid down with regards to this ejection process by an Act of Parliament or an Amendment to this Act.

Given at Our Parliament and Signed by Us:

1. The Honourable Nassau-Windsor MP LSM

Current President
Current Member of Parliament
Current King-of-Arms

Former President (1x); Former Minister of Development (2x); Former Member of Parliament (7x)

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Re: SO 2017-12 Inactive Membership revoking Act

Post by SiriusKnight on Tue Feb 14, 2017 5:00 am

So, that means puppet nations might had to move or eject out of the region?

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Re: SO 2017-12 Inactive Membership revoking Act

Post by Abdoa on Tue Feb 14, 2017 5:23 am

1) We no longer have such a high bar for Constitutional Amendments. It has been 2/3rds of the voters ever since SO 2017-2.

2) Article 1.2: this wording allows for everyone who has an account on the forum to be a citizen... even if they don't have a nation in our region. This makes absolutely no sense to me.

3) I just don't really think this is a good idea because it just creates a frame for ejection with no apparent positive consequences for the region, just a long list of nations ejected.

Therefore, I oppose this bill.

The Right Honorable President, the Baron Abdoa, MP LSM GSM
Senator of the Union

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Re: SO 2017-12 Inactive Membership revoking Act

Post by Libertarian Democracy on Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:28 pm

I too oppose the bill.  In my experience, purging inactive nations has severe long-term effects and actually exacerbates inactivity.  Prospective recruits tend to favor larger regions, and the nation count usually is seen as a sign of how well-established a region is.

A technical note: Article 3, Item C is unnecessary and should be removed.
Libertarian Democracy

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Re: SO 2017-12 Inactive Membership revoking Act

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