SO 2016-20 Publications Act

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SO 2016-20 Publications Act

Post by Abdoa on Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:28 pm

An Act to regulate publications of decisions made by public bodies

CONSIDERING that publications do currently not have to be published in a specific manner;

BELIEVING that the publication of decisions made by public bodies is a right of Our Citizens, as they have the right to know what their bodies are doing;

CONSIDERING that there is a place for such publications on the NationStates Forums (The International Gazette);

BELIEVING that, by publicising decisions of Our public bodies, we can not only notify Our fellow Members, but also increase the focus and attention of other NationStates users to Our Region, and thus that the activity and membership of Our Region may rise;

BE IT ENACTED by and with the advice and consent of Parliament, and by the authority of the same, as follows:-

Article 1
Decisions made by Parliament, the President, any Minister (including the Prime Minister), or any body that is established by Act of Parliament, shall place a notification in the International Gazette on the NationStates Forums.

Article 2
The announcement of a decision regarding any Member of Our Region, not holding any office at that moment, does not have to be published in the International Gazette. Announcements of any decisions regarding any Member of Our Region, holding any office at that moment, but tho whom the announcement is directed to him or her and not the holder of that office, does not have to be published in the International Gazette unless otherwise stated by the President or Prime Minister.

Article 3
Section A: Creation of the List of Events Requiring Publication
1) The "List of Events Requiring Publication" (hereinafter "List") is hereby created.
2) The List shall manifest all events that require publication pursuant to this Document.
3) a) Parliament may add or remove items from the List through an Act of Parliament.
b) Parliament has the highest authority governing additions and removals of items from the List.
c) i) The Cabinet Members may add items to the List so long as they pertain to their Ministry and are not a violation of Law.
ii) The Cabinet Members but may only remove List items which were previously added by their Ministry.
iii) The Ministries shall each devise a policy on required publications for their respective Ministries, and they shall be posted and pinned in their respective subforum.
iv) Parliament shall have the authority to remove any Ministry-added List item, add items to the List pertaining to the Ministries, and shall have the authority to regulate what kinds of events the Ministries, as a collective or specifically, can add to the List.

Section B: Initial Additions to the List of Events Requiring Publication
The following decisions, among other such decisions, have to be published:

1) Results and outcomes of all votes in Parliament, and of referendums on constitutional amendments;
2) The Assent or Veto to any Bill of Parliament by the President;
3) Enacting Bills of Parliament into Act of Parliament;
4) Decisions that dissolve or establish a (Member of) Parliament;
5) Decisions that resign or create a Cabinet Minister, including the Prime Minister, President, Founder, or any officeholder with administrative powers;
6) Decisions that confer an honour, a title, a style, et cetera upon any Member of Our Region.

Article 4
Parliament, by a simple majority vote, may also decide that decisions require publication somewhere else other than in the International Gazette.

5th December 2016
Nassau-Windsor, Senator
Abdoa, Senator
Libertarian Democracy, Senator

Status: passed by Parliament, awaiting Presidential Assent or Veto

Abdoa, Prime Minister and Senator

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