SO 2016-04 Regional Holidays Act ENACTED

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SO 2016-04 Regional Holidays Act ENACTED

Post by Abdoa on Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:09 pm

SO 2016-4

Regional Holidays Act 2016

WHEREAS this Region is proud of its existence and success,
WHEREAS there are currently no existing occasions on which we celebrate our regional heritage,
WHEREAS this Act establishes certain dates as Regional Holidays during which we celebrate our cultural heritage and during which the members of the Government and the Parliament may make speeches on the RMB or on the forums, be it hereby
ORDERED that the holiday will last from 1200 UTC of the day before the holiday to 1400 UTC on the day after the holiday, so that nations in all times zones can all participate fully in the festivities;
ORDERED that the twenty-ninth day of every September is a Regional Holiday, to be named Founder’s Day, in honor of the founding of this region.
ORDERED that the ninth day of every October is a Regional Holiday, to be named Constitution Day, in honor of the promulgation of the current Constitution of this Union.

March 20, 2016
Abdoa, Senator and Prime Minister
Nassau-Windsor, Senator and Minister of Development

Status: enacted into law

Abdoa, Leader of Parliament and Senator

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